Is Your Pet Qualified as an Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal?

Find out if your animal qualifies as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) or a Service Animal (CSA)?

According to ADA, US Federal Law, if you qualify, you can have a dog that you train to provide you with certain essential health-related services, and in such cases, your dog is considered a Service Animal (CSA).

A Service Animal is entitled to certain legal privileges. On the other hand, our pets, regardless of their species, can support us by reducing our stress, help us manage our anxiety, and assist us in minimizing our sense of depression. Under these circumstances, although not recognized by the ADA, but under most State Laws, our pets qualify as Emotional Support Animals (ESA). 

You can elect to register your CSA or ESA anytime you wish on this website. 

If you elect to register your pet as an ESA or Service Dog (CSA) on this website, you will receive documents that may entitle you in receiving your due special privileges that aren’t available to anyone else.

By simply completing the registration process, which should take less than 30 minutes, you will receive your documents in your email box. You can print, frame, and laminate these documents in the sizes you want, using them as you see fit.

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